Spanish Golden Age Dance

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Introduction of some basic Spanish Golden Age dance steps
Practice of various choreographic variations of Jácara and Chacona
practice and use of castagnettes for our variations

This workshop presents the Spanish baroque dance style. We will learn the basic steps and some variations of Jácara (sister of the Sarabande) and La Chacona.
It is addressed to students of different levels. For those who already have some experience, the workshop is a continuation of the practice and an opportunity to get deeper into the style. Those who never tried this style are also welcome.
Students who play castanets or who would like to learn are invited to bring their own.

Ana Yepes teaches Spanish baroque dance according to the Spanish treatises by Esquivel Navarro, Discursos sobre el Arte del Danzado, Sevilla 1642, by Juan Antonio Jaque, El libro de danzar, XVII century, Francesc Olivelles, Domingo Gonzalez, Escuela por lo bajo (XVIIème), Novelli, Choregraphie, 1708, and by Pablo Minguet, Explicación del danzar a la española, Madrid, 1737.Her work on technique and interpretation, as well as the warm-up she proposes are also essential elements of her teaching.

Termin:   26. bis 27. Mai 2018

Kurszeiten:   Samstag und Sonntag 10:00-12:30 und 13:30-15:00, for advanced additionally 15:30 - 17:30

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Kursort:   wird noch bekanntgegeben (in Wien)

Kursleitung:   →  Ana Yepes